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Marigot Bay




Marigot Bay






Pigeon Island

Saint Lucia and New Years Eve.

 Rodney Bay -30 December 2006

Here we are in this  beautiful  wide bay, with white sandy beaches and Pigeon Island to our left. The bay is famous because of the ARC and full of English sailors, despite that is not very crowded. This was a pleasant surprise. We arrived yesterday and after making sure the anchor dug in we opened a few cans of beer watching the sun go down. As it went down we saw the "green flash" and  all the yank boats started cheering and sounding the foghorns. Today we took a dingy ride into the marina, to clear in with customs. This entailed a lot of bureaucracy and etiquette finishing with  a small fee. Since we were not far, we visited Gross Islet, the local village. This was the real St Lucia, full of colour and vibrant. People are nicer in Martique though.  Later on we learned that France subsidises Martinique, and St Lucian's do not have this benefit.  






Marigot Bay- 31 December

This is a picturesque small bay surrounded by mountains, mangroves and plenty of palm trees. The bay is very crowded with yachts and finding a space wasn't easy. We were bombarded with boat boys trying to sell mooring buoys at 12. We found a nice spot and dropped the hook, no charge! After that the boat boys were trying to sell  bananas, avocadoes, bread and ganja.  There are only 3 restaurants inside the bay, 2 very expensive hotels and a small marina.   After looking at the prices for New Year's Eve dinner we decided to celebrate the beginning of 2007 on the boat. All  about 40 per head not including tax 10% and only 1 drink. From our anchorage we had the best view of the fireworks. Each restaurant organized its own fire work display, one after another. So in total the whole spectacle lasted about 20 minutes.


02 January 2007

The plan was to sail back to   Martinique, planning to stop on the way in Rodney Bay. But it wasn't our day to leave. The batteries were completely flat  and we couldn't even start the engine. Probably the batteries got damaged during the short circuit that happened during the Atlantic crossing. There was not much left to do but wait until the wind generator charged the batteries with the wind. While waiting we  chatted with one of the boat boys, called Samuel. He was an avid Rastafarian and he explained about his religion and faith.  


04 January 2007

The batteries finally were charged and we could leave to Rodney Bay and the following day to Fort-de-France. According to the pilot book this is the most pleasant sail in the whole area. Leaving  Rodney Bay we encountered rough seas and force 6 winds. At one point we thought in going back to the safety of the bay. Once we cleared land, the seas calmed down and the wind decreased to a pleasant force 4. It was a great sail to Diamond Rock and then to Solomon Point. Then from nowhere the wind increased to 38 knot gusts and rain. We were exhilarated when we finally arrived at Anse Mitan, Martinique.