Sverre "Erik, the Viking", S/V Vagabond Virgin. Erik now is in Norway and the boat in Turkey.

Claudia, S/V Tahaa. After one and a half year in New Zealand now she is continuing the journey with her father to Thailand.


Aaron, the mad Hungarian sailor, S/V Carina.  Finishing line is Croatia where the boat is staying.


The Hadamovskis: Ben, Carola, Nils and Lisa. S/V Lasse. Currently living in Greece.



The Canadians: Steve and Nancy on S/V Toboggan . Ahead they have an Atlantic crossing and heading back home.

Finish line and the people we have met

18th June

Arriving in La Linea we noticed that the Spaniards are not very friendly here. There is a rivalry and a bad feeling between the Brits and Spanish due to the Rock, Gibraltar. La Linea itself is a big council state and people are not very nice. The Spanish refuse to speak English, which for me is good since I can practice my rusty Spanish.


19th June

To cross the border to Gibraltar takes around one and half hours by car due the heavy traffic, much quicker on foot though. We enquired for berths at Marina Bay, which looks fairly empty only to be told that there are no spaces and long term berths are only available in October.  If La Linea is not nice, can’t say that Gibraltar is different. There are a lot of council houses and strange people. The Gibraltarians think that they are Monte Carlo, but really not…

For our surprise, we had a blast from the past, David Yacht Pinta is here. We met him for the last time in Australia , when David sailed nonstop and alone to Yemen , taking 60 days at sea.  And meeting for the last time to remember the old days deserved a huge celebration.


20th June

More blast from the past, Yacht Yara arrived at the anchorage with Geische, Herbert and little Yannic. We last met with them in Egypt. They are also depressed and with not much idea of what to do next, undecided between Germany or starting a new life in Tenerife.


25th June

Via email we heard from Yara as they completed their circumnavigation whilst sailing past Lisbon. So now we gathered that they are going back to Germany. David from yacht Pinta is sailing back to UK where he is going to write a book about his five years sailing and planning to go out to the big ocean again soon.  Our friends , from Yacht Lasse are in Greece working and delaying the return to Germany as much as they can . Majority of the other cruisers left the boat for sale in the Western Mediterranean and went back home.


29th June

Graham is doing a Yachtmaster preparatory course , so once he passes the exam, he will be able to be commercially endorsed.  As for me , I will have to start job hunting but not sure which sort of job. Time will tell. We are still anchored in La Linea because we cannot afford to pay for a marina however life now, tied to the shore is much easier.

30th June

We are still getting used to Gibraltar, and if nothing else the sun shines a lot here and summers are hot. The next holidays will include a sail to Morocco and explore inland Spain by bus.  Something to look forward.


04th July

Graham , after a nine hours exam , finishing at three in the morning has passed the  RYA Yachtmaster exam.  Well done! Now he will complete the RYA Cruising Instructors course.


"Can't you see, life is easy if you consider it from another point of view"