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Thursday Island



Fanny Beach, Darwin



Mindil Market, Darwin




The sunset, Darwin


 08 August        Darwin

Considering that Darwin is part of the Northern Territory, we were expecting an outback and simple town.  But walking around town we were stunned. There is a lot of wealth around Darwin, everybody seems to drive a 4WD and live in mansions.  The prices were expensive, but cheaper than Thursday Island. As goods are shipped in prices are higher. Next day, when we went into town, we noticed that it is big backpackers favourite, with lots of bars, shops. Darwin didn't show signs of recession as the rest of Australia did. After spending 3 weeks here we found out that most of the money comes from the mining around the area. E and everybody is making money from it, directly or indirectly. Darwin is in a boom and attracting a lot of young people. House prices are comparable to London housing market, since there is a shortage of properties. We loved the city; it has the right size and people from all over the country, very cosmopolite, for Australia anyway. The Mindil market is a local institution, with local artists playing the didgeridoo, jugglers, Asian food stalls. You can bring your own booze and sit in the beach and watch the artists while the sun goes down over a glorious red sky. 


Contrasting with the most lavish houses are also the most dirty and run down council houses. Here you will find the aboriginals.  But mostly they spend their time at parks drinking from early morning. It is shocking to see how badly the government failed and still is with the aboriginals. The worst of all is that the aussies promote their culture but the aboriginal are completely left out of it! At Mindil market the guys playing the didgeridoo were all white...  Well this is a sore subject here.


27th August

Almost ready to cast off to Indonesia, the dinghy together with the outboard was stolen off the beach. We left it at Mindil beach. While we were at the market somebody dragged up the beach, loaded on the back of the car and left. The drag and tire marks on the beach were the clue. We reported it to the police, knowing well that nothing would happen. The problem was that around here everybody seems to use aluminium dinghies, because of the crocodiles. So finding an inflatable dinghy was not easy.  The aussies called the inflatable dinghy a "rubber duck" or "croc biscuit" after much searching we found one, so we were not spoiled by choice. Now we are the proud owners of a new “made in china” dinghy and a second hand 4 hp outboard.