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Good life on Nomad Life, Claudia the birthday girl in Calla Longa, Ibiza











Beautiful clear water and something we have never seen before, Kai swimming.



03th June

Mallorca emerging in the horizon was a relieve that comes with an end of a passage. To celebrate, Graham and Kai started celebrating the arrival with some beers 15 miles out. Landfall was almost at midnight, Porto Colom was however well lit up and with full moon visibility was very good. Once Claudia, Kai’s girlfriend joined us with some more beers the real party started


04th June

With a car rental we drove around Mallorca. The North West coast is backed by jagged mountains and rugged cliffs. At Porto Soller we took the old tram to Soller, situated in the mountains. Soller was long known for its orange and lemons which were exported in the famous balancelles ( small single masted vessel), until it lost trade to Valencia. The town was extremely busy with tourists; it seems that we caught the end of some kind of orange festival. After lunch we jumped in a taxi, half price of the tram!


07th June

We are waiting for a wind change, since now we are heading South the wind has turned and settled into a nice southerly! Med sailing is a bit of a joke and the weather forecasts have not been accurate either.


08th June

According to the weather forecast today a wind shift is expected, so based on this we left for Ibiza, despite our doubts and mistrust of the forecast.  The day started at 1am, enabling us to arrive before dark. Indeed there was a slight veering of the wind, but still a beat and a very bumpy trip.  Nothing that a sun downer in  Cala Talamanca  could not cure.


09th June

Arriving in the marina at Ibiza town we were greeted by  a very nice staff informing us of the daily prices of 140 euros. The marina was very basic with no pontoons but again the island is about big luxury motorboats driven by rich kids, a playground and expensive party island. Instead of paying ridiculous prices we moved 5 miles north and found a nice bay, Calla Longa, with nice clear blue waters and a sandy beach. Never mind that it was full of hotels but this is Ibiza



11th June

Today is Claudia’s birthday which instigated a lot of sangrias, so the day went by in a blur







12th June

One sangria to many!

Claudia and Kai decided that it was enough of boat life and left to Formentera in a ferry. We are taking up a week of detox, it has been a lot of drinking. Also getting ready to leave for Gibraltar, the weather forecast looks good, we just hope that it is for once accurate.


13th June

Before leaving to Gibraltar we stopped for one night at Espalmador, a deserted island but for the anchorage which harboured around 100 yachts. Here we have the company of more rich kids having parties in their Sunseekers, but great for people watching. This pretty island is only one and half mile long joined to Formentera by a long sand spit, with a clear blue water.


17th June

We are very impressed,  for the first time sailing in the Mediterranean we had good winds, instead of the struggle against wind. Mostly the wind was on the stern, too weak to sail , but being fair, it was for once a comfortable trip, perfect for the last passage. Arriving in Gibraltar was exhalirating! Graham , Nomad Life and I have competed the circumnavigation. On other hand we also feel sad and empty. What’s next.