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Nelson's Dockyard




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28th January 2007

Now we are in the Mecca of super yachts, some of unbelievable size.

After a long and tedious passage from Guadeloupe, with very little wind we arrived yesterday in Antigua.  Approaching the island, we were able to spot the entrance to English Harbour without any difficulty. This in contrary to what the pilot book was stating, a difficult entrance to find. The Pillars of Hercules, situated at the entrance of the Harbour, were visible from a few miles from sea. Additionally, hundreds of yacht masts were a very good indication for the entrance.  The harbour was heaving and finding a place to anchor took some time. Eventually we found a place near the mangroves, at the end of Ordinance Bay. After securing anchorage we hopped on the dinghy and visited Nelsonís Dockyard.

Nelsonís Dockyard has a number of colonial buildings. The Admiralís House now is a museum, also possible to visit the old workshops, the stables and the officerís quarter. All of them have been recently restored and making a pleasant visit.


29th January 2007

Today we took a walk around the vicinity. Just outside Nelsonís Dockyard there is a little town and Falmouth Harbour a short walk away. The place was heaving with young people looking to crew on the super yachts and for that there are crew placement agencies  and all kind of businesses related to the super yacht industry.  We met a couple of young guys in the bar. Both were making CVs and dock walking with a hope to be taken as crew by one of these huge yachts.  

Falmouth Harbour was full of huge super yachts including  Gran Bleu, Maltese Falcon, Mirabella II and many others.


30th January 2007

By taxi we climbed the hills to Shirley Heights for the weekly organized barbecue.  It was great fun with live music and a steel band and mainly full of yachties and tourists. It seems that we might have spoiled it for the locals as not many of them were around.


 02nd February 2007

We were planning to leave today however after listening to Jol Byerley's weather forecast (transmitted on  VHF channel 06 with a touch of English humour ) we decided to stay and wait for the weather to settle.